Ensuring safety while using Electric Chainsaw

Gasoline and electric chainsaw are presumably one of the most widely used tools all around the world. While a chainsaw is productive and give great results, this machine is packed with high levels of power and therefore involves great risks of accidents. Be sure to read more about the best chainsaw sharpeners for instance, a dull saw is more dangerous than you can imagine.

There are news and reports every now and then regarding accidents related with chainsaws. Most of these accidents related to chainsaw are mainly in concern with lack of proper technique while using the machine and lack of proper care and maintenance.

While the chainsaw itself comes with numerous safety features, almost all manufacturers recommend a thorough inspection before use. This detailed inspection involves checking and making sure that all the safety of the machine is properly installed. Most companies have improved the safety of electric chainsaw by adopting several new safety designs.



One of the most widely faced issues of chainsaw is kickback. When the tip of the guide bar touches an object while the chain is moving, a reverse reaction takes place in split seconds. This in turn kicks the guide bar up towards the operator which can cause serious cuts. In most cases, kickback usually occurs when least expected and most victims of this issue are either inexperienced operators or tired users.

To solve this major issue, chainsaw companies either try to minimize the risk by incorporating chain brakes or avoid it by using chain and bar design. Staying away from kickback occurring unexpectedly is almost inevitable, so it is best to use reduced kickback chain. Although this type of cutting chain does not completely eliminate kickback, it sure does lessen the impact.

Chain brake

Nowadays, most electric chainsaw comes with a chain brake with which operators can stop the moving chain. This chain brake consists of a steel brake band that is placed around the driven clutch drum. The brake band also consists of a powerful spring which provides a clamping force.

It is also advised that operators are not to be fully dependent on chain brakes and make sure that chain sharpening is correctly done. This is because blunt chain cuts poorly which increases bar loading and the operator’s fatigue.

Chain catcher of an electric chainsaw

Chain catcher is a great safety tool that is featured in most chainsaws. The main function of a chain catcher is to prevent the chain being thrown back at the operator in case of chain derailment and breakage. When the chain, in any case, happens to break, chain catcher shortens the derailed chain by catching it. This causes the chain to smash against the rear handle’s hand protection by moving underneath the saw body. In order to not cause any damage to the chain, chain catchers are mostly made out of aluminum.

Operator training

The biggest causes of accidents with electric chainsaw are mostly in concern with operators lacking proper technique and experience. Most companies advise newbies to go through a proper operator training classes to fully learn how to use the machine properly and using precautions in case of malfunctions.

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