Everything You Will Need in Raising Baby Chicks

Don’t you just love the cuteness of these tiny baby chicks? Their soft little feathers, their cute face, their squeaky cries, what’s not to love? So yes, you just purchased your very own baby chicks but now it’s time to buy some essential supplies for them.

Having the right essentials is important so your chicks will grow fast and healthy making it perfect for family dinner. Now that’s kind of cruel, but they’re going to die by getting eaten anyway. With that said, here are the most important supplies for your chick-tending needs.

  • Chick Home
  • You need to find a home for your chicks where they can live and grow. Don’t settle on something small so find something that can accommodate their size once they’re big enough. There are plenty of things that you can use such as galvanized water troughs, dog crates, and even kiddie pools. Whatever you choose, ensure that it is secure enough where they can’t fly away when they get bigger. Don’t forget to put bedding on it since chickens can be smelly and messy at all times.

  • Bedding
  • And talking about beddings, finding the right bedding is quick and easy. In their first few weeks, you might want to use paper towels as beddings because this is the time where they sleep a lot that’s why laying them in a flat surface is definitely needed. Once they get older, replace these paper towels with pine shavings. You can purchase pine shavings at farms and feed stores near you.

  • Heat
  • Probably one of the most important necessities of raising chicks is using a heat machine. Whatever heating device you use, be it a heat lamp or an Eco glow style chick heater, it’s important to monitor their heat levels using a temperature gauge. And also, don’t forget to check your chicks from time to time if they are directly from the heat source or not. Sometimes, they need to be away from it to cool down for a while.

  • Feeders/Waterers
  • Another important aspect of raising chicks is to feed them. And you can do this by getting their very own feeder and waterer. Of course, you can just do the traditional throw and feed style, but having a feeder can make it less messy since chicks eat like there’s no tomorrow thus creating a mess. Pick a feeder and waterer that is easy to maintain to save you from hassle.

  • Feeds
  • Of course, when there’s a feeder there is also feeds. Myriads of feeds are available in the market and it can be a bit confusing to choose which one is best for your chicks. However, since most of them are healthy for your chicks, you must opt one that is specially formulized for them. Different feeds have different nutrients mixed into them and there are some that have ingredients that are specially made for bigger chickens, and also for chicks. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong when picking the right choice.

  • Additional Essentials
  • Since we want our chicks to grow healthy and nourished, here are some few essentials that you might want to get to. Start by providing their water with probiotics and electrolytes. Although not actually necessary, it can help them recover from whatever stress they might be experiencing.

So there you have it! Although there are only a few items listed above, we hope that these essentials will help you throughout your chick-raising journey. As you can see, raising chicks is as easy as pie as long as you had the right essentials to begin with.

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